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 Heidi Urness has joined
McGlinchey Stafford.

McGlinchey Stafford is a mid-sized business law firm with 17 offices nationwide.

“I am thrilled to join McGlinchey to offer direct legal advice to the firm’s established client base and to provide my cannabis industry clients with hands-on solutions and strategies through the firm’s full-service platform,” says Heidi. “With McGlinchey’s impressive corporate and financial services capabilities and me in their corner, our combined client base will be equipped to succeed in this evolving industry.”

Full-Spectrum Legal Solutions

Heidi Urness Law offers creative and effective legal solutions for a wide range of business organizations, individual interest holders and members, entrepreneurs, financiers, investors, employees, and more.

Compliance & Risk Management

When running, managing, or working on behalf of any organization, constant vigilance is required to keep up with ever-changing laws, rules, requirements, and policy changes that impact you and your business – especially in the cannabis industry.

Complete compliance means analyzing and ensuring your business structures, products, policies, and procedures, as well as it’s intellectual property (think: trademarks, marketing and advertisement, brand development strategies) are legally sound, and fall in line with all federal, state, and local regulations.

These rules and regulations and constantly changing, and legal uncertainty abounds. Heidi Urness Law has developed a reputation for providing insightful guidance – as well as challenging these regulations, where appropriate – in order to ensure clients think ahead, and see around corners, and reduce risk as well as prevent issues from cropping up well before they even arise.


Conflicts arise, and you deserve a powerful and formidable advocate working relentlessly to pursue or defend your rights.

Heidi Urness Law’s reputation for success is unrivaled In the cannabis business, real property, intellectual property, and employment spaces. Heidi’s unparalleled results in client representation have garnered national attention: she was recently named one of the “Top 30 Powerful Cannabis Litigators You Should Know” by mgMagazine, the leading cannabis business magazine, and has been heralded as “Literally Defining Legal Cannabis” as a result of her successful litigation practice.

Legal proceedings can take all different forms; Heidi Urness Law offers not only intimate knowledge of the substantive and procedural laws applicable to your case, but also winning strategies – and results – in trials and appeals, as well as mediation and other methods of dispute resolution. Heidi Urness Law welcomes the opportunity to leverage these skills in support (and defense) of your interests.

Corporations, Securities & Contracts

From corporate structure and formation, to bylaws and operating agreements, to shareholder and financier agreements, your company’s internal documents establish not only the legal obligations which govern fundamental operations, but also set the tone of your business.

Heidi Urness Law offers demonstrated success in drafting and enforcing – as well as resolving disputes relevant to – a wide range of agreements, including securities agreements, loan and financing agreements, real estate and asset purchase and sale agreements, intellectual property and licensing agreements, confidentiality and restrictive covenants, lease agreements, environmental and chemical testing agreements, and more.

Your business can rely on Heidi Urness Law to develop and advise thorough and compliant corporate policies, procedures, and documents to ensure your company is poised to achieve your short and long-term goals.

The Latest News and Insights

Information and insights from the nationally recognized team at Heidi Urness Law, PLLC.

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OLCC Regulatory Changes 2022

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Recommendations Throughout the Industry 

“Ms. Urness has been our company’s attorney since pre-incorporation. She initially assisted us with corporate structure, financing agreements, and acquiring our license, and now advises us on business contracts and compliance-related operational strategies. Ms. Urness is also prompt with communications, and has made high quality referrals to help our business “connect the dots” operationally. Highly recommended corporate and contract attorney.”

“Heidi is by far the most dedicated litigator I have ever worked with. She will always go the extra mile for her clients and make sure that every possible option is identified and explored. At the end of the case, her clients know she did not only all she could do for them, but all that could be done.”

“Heidi is one of the most creative and dedicated litigators I have ever encountered. She truly cares about her clients and will fight for the best outcome possible. She is quick to respond and will not let the opposing counsel slip anything by. Heidi is top notch as a counselor as well.”

“Thorough” is Heidi’s middle name! Heidi has been extremely involved with us every step of the way. While she has years of experience (that clearly shows in her work) she has never made us feel inadequate or unintelligent for asking questions. Heid has been instrumental in connecting us with other individuals in the CBD space and has provided resources on how to better educate ourselves and clients. Heidi is always looking out for us and we are so appreciative of all that she does and have enjoyed working with her!”


The Industry’s Gold Standard

In addition to crafting and executing expert legal strategies on behalf of clients in all stages of the corporate lifecycle, as well as litigation, Heidi Urness Law is committed to fortifying and building credibility for the cannabis industry as a whole.

Heidi regularly writes cutting-edge articles for legal journals, industry publications, and frequently posts to the widely followed Heidi Urness Law News. She also speaks to business groups, academic institutions, and government bodies on a variety of cannabis legal issues, and is frequently quoted by global and local media outlets.

The team at Heidi Urness Law consistently collaborates with other lawyers, experts, and industry leaders to leverage their wide range of legal strengths and network to offer clients effective and timely support and advice, as well as to develop new products and systems to serve the cannabis industry. Most recently, Heidi Urness Law is working with The Green Voice (Powered by VoxFeed) to provide a digital space where cannabis brands and influencers can meet, collaborate, create, and share effective digital marketing campaigns and content to facilitate profit-driving conversations in targeted markets.

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