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Legal proceedings can take all different forms, including formal demands and complaints, court hearings, depositions, subpoenas, and more. Your representative should be not only well-versed in applicable procedural and substantive laws, but also tenacious in pursuing and protecting your interests both before and throughout a lawsuit.

Heidi Urness Law’s unparalleled results in client representation have garnered national attention, and welcomes the opportunity to leverage their skills and strategies in support (and defense) of your interests.

Heidi Urness was recently named one of the “Top 30 Powerful Cannabis Litigators You Should Know.” Heidi offers not only intimate knowledge of the substantive and procedural laws applicable to your case, but also winning results in pre-trial litigation and negotiations, trials and appeals, as well as mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution.

“Welcome to Cannabis; Now Lawyer Up.”

If you find yourself in a legal dispute, contact Heidi Urness Law as early as possible to set up a confidential consultation, and ensure important deadlines are not missed and rights forfeited in your lawsuit.