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Protecting your intellectual property in the cannabis space can be complex, but is essential. It is a critical aspect of building and operating any successful business and/or brand, but is especially important in the emerging and competitive cannabis space. Our team of legal experts decipher these legal nuances, and protect your tangible and intangible business assets.

Our team of intellectual property lawyers across Washington, Oregon, California, and beyond are here to help protect and grow your cannabis business. We help shorten and simplify the registration processes, and ensure you have a solid foundation upon which to build your brand.

Trademark Law

A trademark may be the most valuable asset you that your cannabis or cannabis-ancillary business owns. A trademark is recognizable branding that your customers associate with your goods or services. Names, logos, scents, the “look and feel” of your products, and even the sound of your business name are all protectable trademarks.Learn more about trademark issues affecting cannabis businesses by clicking the following links to our blog:

Copyright Law

Copyrights are powerful, though often misunderstood and underused – rights, particularly throughout the cannabis industry. However, U.S. Law not only recognizes the right of a creator to own and control his or her artistic and academic creations, copyrights are likely far more enforceable (especially across state lines) than trademarks, under our current national legal landscape.

Further, as compared with other forms of IP, cannabis copyright protection lasts a long time — normally a minimum of 70 years. Copyrights in the cannabis industry can take a wide variety of forms, from industrial copyrights including those protecting methods of cannabis production and processing, to activities that span all industries, such as the content (both written and visual) on a business’s website.

Patent Law

Our team of patent lawyers and agents offer experience in many sciences, including software, hardware, mechanical, and electrical, and manage cases across all three types of patents: plant, utility, and design patents. Reach out to Heidi Urness Law to confidentially discuss your business ideas, and ensure your business enjoys not only the maximum protection available under the law – but is well advised to develop the product or process in a way that maximizes protection (and, thus, company value) over time.

“Welcome to Cannabis; Now Lawyer Up”

From registering your intellectual property, to protecting your intellectual property – including not only strategic business agreements that protect your IP from legal action in the first place, as well as enforcement (think: lawsuits), and more – Heidi Urness Law is committed to ensuring maximum brand protection and viability for all of our clients. Reach out to learn more about how we can serve your interests.