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Employment Law

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Employment Law

Legal Protections for Employers & Employees

Positive relationships between employers and employees are critical to a business’s success. A vast web of federal, state, and local laws work together to regulate these relationships as well as protect the interests of employers and employees.

Education is Essential

Knowledge of these general principles allows business owners and licensees, as well as managers, employees, and independent contractors to anticipate issues and resolve them before they even arise.

Should a conflict arise, this knowledge – combined with established employment practices and an attorney well-versed in these issues – can resolve issues efficiently and ensure positive relationships are maintained among all parties, minimizing risk, expense, and uncertainty for all involved.

“Welcome to Cannabis; Now Lawyer Up.”

Well-advised and compliant employment practices enable positive relationships between employers and employees, and it is critical that both employers and employees understand the various rights and liabilities that apply to their roles in a company. Heidi Urness Law offers this expertise to employers and employees in a wide range of businesses, including in highly regulated markets where the laws applicable to these relationships become nuanced and complicated.