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Contract Drafting & Disputes

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Contract Drafting & Disputes

Structure Your Business for Success

Your company’s documents Рranging from purchase and sale agreements, to those affecting employment and proprietary information, transportation and logistics, environmental and chemical testing agreements, and so much more Рestablish not only the legal obligations which govern many fundamental operations, but also set the tone of your business.

Heidi Urness Law is well-versed in contract drafting, negotiation, and signing, enforcement, and even voluntary or judicial dissolution. Contact us to draft or review any contracts related to your cannabis or cannabis-ancillary business.

Contractual & Corporate Disputes

When a third party, or even your own company, does not abide by the terms of a contract, many options are available to clients of Heidi Urness Law, as a result of our expert contract drafting and active litigation practice. Both internal disputes and disputes with third parties can be incredibly costly to businesses and individuals, and should be avoided to the fullest extent possible.

To do so, however, requires extensive knowledge and insight into your business’s unique legal issues. Heidi Urness Law can help identify these risks, and propose efficient professional solutions both before an issue arises, as well as represent your interests to the fullest extent of the law should a dispute already exist. (Learn more about our well-respected Litigation Practice.)

“Welcome to Cannabis; Now Lawyer Up.”

Your business can rely on Heidi Urness Law to create, install, and enforce thorough, nuanced, and compliant foundational documents to ensure your company is poised to achieve both short and long-term goals.