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Cannabis Compliance: Labeling & Marketing

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Compliant Labeling, Website Content & More

Compliance is Step-One

Ensuring your company’s products are properly labeled, branded, advertised, marketed, and displayed on your website in compliance with complex — and oftentimes unclear — Federal, State, and Local laws affecting cannabis are the first steps to establishing a successful, sustainable, and scalable business.

Because of these nuanced interactions of laws — as well as the interests of competing companies — cannabis businesses across the country routinely turn to Heidi Urness Law to review the compliance of all of their business’s publicly facing activities.

These activities may include everything from:

  • intangibles such as your website’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, or even the inclusion of customer ratings or testimonials; to

  • physical products and/or printed labels; as well as

  • all branding, advertising, promotional, marketing, and related activities.

Cannabis Labeling Advertising Marketing

HULaw’s Branding & Labeling Review Services

We work closely with many existing cannabis businesses (including marijuana, hemp, CBD, CBG, CBD, Delta-8, and other ancillary businesses), as well as entrepreneurs and emerging businesses, to help you understand existing risks, available protections, to suggest mitigation actions an advise on pitfalls, and how to navigate these complex legal structures to ensure the safety and viability of your business.

When you engage Heidi Urness Law to review your business for compliance, you can expect:

  • A confidential audit of your cannabis business, including your website (inclusive of your Privacy Policies, and Terms of Use), physical products and/or labels, and all branding, advertising, promotional, and other marketing activities.

  • A complete risk-liability analysis;

  • Suggestions for risk mitigation; and

  • A team of experts to help you execute any processes necessary to bring your business into compliance.

“Welcome to Cannabis; Now Lawyer Up.”

Reach out to Heidi Urness Law today to have a confidential discussion regarding your existing or prospective business website, products, services, labeling, branding, advertising, and marketing activities.