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Cannabis Business Law

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Cannabis Business Law

Partners in Protecting Your Interests

Business owners face a wide-range of challenges on a daily basis, from determining and enforcing organizational governance and compliance, to managing employees, independent contractors, and/or third-party contracts and relationships, navigating constantly evolving market demands, and staying up-to-date on rapidly changing and sometimes contradictory regulations issued by competing authorities.

An experienced attorney well-versed in these issues can help your business not only navigate these murky waters, but also act as a lighthouse – helping you and your business see around corners in order to anticipate and resolve issues before they even arise. Businesses should not wait for disputes to arise before they work with an attorney to protect their interests.

When Disputes Arise, Choose A Formidable Partner

Internal disputes and disputes with third parties can be incredibly costly to businesses and individuals, and should be avoided to the fullest extent possible. To do so, however, requires extensive knowledge and insight into your business’s unique legal issues.

Heidi Urness Law can help identify these risks, and propose efficient professional solutions both before an issue arises, as well as represent your interests to the fullest extent of the law should a dispute already exist. (Learn more about our well-respected Litigation Practice.) If you are experiencing any dispute, ranging from securities violations to contract enforcement (non-payment after product(s) or service(s) rendered), reach out to Heidi Urness Law to discuss the circumstances of your dispute confidentially.

“Welcome to Cannabis; Now Lawyer Up”

From commercial contracting, to finance and securities, to corporate organization and compliance, to corporate and partnership disputes, Heidi Urness Law offers both the knowledge and experience to help your business successfully navigate internal and external issues, rapidly changing market demands, and regulatory changes and challenges, and ensure your company is poised to achieve both its short and long-term goals.